Marlene Coleman nee Scott & Rachel Greenfeld are both long time Whistler lovers.  Here is a bit about them, in case you were wondering…

marlene7Marlene Coleman nee Scott

A native of South Africa and founder of a successful candy manufacturing company, distributing product throughout South Africa, exporting to Australia and the USA, Marlene has a solid business background.  She immigrated to Canada with her family in the late 1990s after completing an Executive MBA.  She very quickly discovered Whistler and never turned back.  Marlene has been an owner and manager of numerous properties in Vancouver and Whistler since the early 2000s, completing her strata and rental licencing in 2008.  Being a natural athlete, the opportunities that Whistler have to offer call her.  She has completed several ultra distance running events and triathlons including Ironman Canada and is an avid road biker and marathon runner.  Whistler is a perfect fit for her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the outdoors.  Marlene is committed to providing her guests with the best experience the local environment has to offer.


RachelRachel Greenfeld

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rachel’s family moved to Vancouver when she was seven years old.  The first time she visited Whistler to take a ski lesson as a young girl, she knew she had found her greatest passion and her future home.  After completing a degree in International Relations at McGill University, she went to live abroad and further her education.  After having lived and worked in many different countries in her 20s including England, France, Spain and The United States, Rachel returned to Canada and bought her first apartment in Whistler in 2006.  She has a profound love for the mountains and the lakes and is raising her daughter as a Whistlerite.  An entrepreneur and adventurer by nature, she is thrilled to be a co-founder of Elevate Vacations and infuse others with her love of Whistler.